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Happy Corner History

At the turn of the last century, Perry Stream Crossing was a thriving community complete with a post office and school house. A general store, starch mill, barber shop, grist mill and cheese factory were among the local businesses that called the area home.

The Danforth family lived adjacent to the covered bridge in a house that still stands today. On Saturday evenings neighbors would gather to visit and listen to the music coming from the family's victrola. A little rum was tipped and, as often happens, listening evolved into dancing. Other popular pastimes included croquet, horseshoes and card games. It was a happy time, indeed, and soon Perry Stream Crossing came to be known s "The Happy Corner."

In 1954, Mildred Young along with her late husband, Phil, founded Young's Store located across Route 3 in what is now Mountain View cabin # 1. Years of hard work eventually led to a greater number of cabins and the store that shares our parking lot today.

Despite having passed the business on to her children in recent years, Mildred Young is still an integral part of both the store and restaurant. Well into her ninth decade and responsible for everything from baking biscuits to doing payroll. her daughter Judy Young-Dalton, manages the Cafe as well as Mountain View Cabins & Campground while another daughter, Carlene Young-Fish, prepares our desserts served in the restaurant. Encompassing three generations (with a fourth growing as fast as it can) The Happy Corner Cafe is the personification of a family run business.

As we enter our 50th year of business, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting and allowing us to share some of the rich history that makes Pittsburg, and the Connecticut Lakes region, so special.

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